Westpark Phase 4


Westpark Phase 4 is a 1,057 unit project, including 887 single-family lots and 170 multi-family units, located in the City of Roseville. Westpark acquired this property in December 2009 from Pulte Homes and repositioned the property with a redesigned site plan and re-engineered infrastructure phasing plan to reduce front-end expenses. The revised entitlements were approved in July 2013. The 1,057 units were sold to Pulte Homes and Lennar Homes in September 2013. In 2017, 11.4 acres of industrial land was sold to Westpark Storage and in 2019, another 21.1 acres was sold to the City of Roseville. The northernmost parcel of light industrial was deeded to the City of Roseville in 2020 in exchange for Fiddyment Parcel F-55. Parcel F-55 was mapped to include 99 LDR lots.

The approved land uses include:

  • Low Density Residential, 887 units
  • High Density Residential, 170 units
  • Industrial/Light Industrial, 88.1 acres
  • Elementary School, 8.5 acres
  • Parks, 14.0 acres
  • Open Space, 345.7 acres

Next Steps

Westpark currently owns 30 acres of light industrial in Westpark Phase 4 and 99 LDR lots in F-55.